a few cards from the totem tarot

the entire deck contains a total of 22 totems:

The Coyote, The Zebra, The Tiger, The Sea Otter, The Horse, The Wolf, The Crow, The Salmon, The Seal, The Turtle, The Bee, The Lion, The Peacock, The Heron, The Butterfly, The Painted Dog, The Hawk, The Owl, The Eagle, The Kingfisher and The Swallow. 

Limited edition booster cards will also be released over time, and custom cards may also be available. Each card has an inherent meaning, but it’s also up to the individual using the cards to listen to their intuition to determine what the card is attempting to convey to them. Like animal spirits appearing when they want to guide us, the totem tarot can also be used as a guiding force.