the totem tarot by kerrie carbary

Over the past few years, I’ve been very interested in animal totems and in watching and listening to what they have to tell us. Many cultures believe that an animal spirit guides us.

We can be guided by different animals at different times in our lives.

We can be guided by different animals at the same time, as well.

This series is about listening to the animal spirits around us and learning what they have to teach us.  This series is now available as an art deck of cards, The Totem Tarot.

Based loosely on a traditional tarot deck, The Totem Tarot is made up of 22 cards. Limited edition booster cards will be released over time, and custom cards may also be available. Each card has an inherent meaning, but it’s also up to the individual using the cards to listen to their intuition to determine what the card is attempting to convey to them. Like animal spirits appearing when they want to guide us, The Totem Tarot can also be used as a guiding force. 

Draw a card and meditate upon it to bring a totem’s characteristics into your life. 

Use a card as a reminder or visual prompt to reinforce your mission.

Or, of course, you may ask the totems a question, shuffle the deck, and choose a card at random, taking your answer from the totem that is presenting itself to you.

©2010 Kerrie E. Carbary, all rights reserved.